3 Chapter Critique from Pam Howell (D4EO Literary)

pamPam Howell started her literary career as assistant to Laurie McLean, of Foreword Literary Agency, in early 2012. By April Pam was promoted to Associate Agent.In her first two years as an agent, Pam brokered 24 deals, with such publishers as Knopf, Scholastic, NAL, ACE, Grand Central, and others.

She joined D4EO in June 2014, where she will continue to build her list. She has a passion for genre fiction as well as MG, YA, and New adult fiction.

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Item: critique of first 3 chapters

Opening Bid: $10

Minimum Raise: $1

10 responses

  1. $20 FTW!


  2. $20 eknystrom (at) gmail (dot) com please.


  3. $50 James(at)JamesMosteller(dot)com.


  4. $60 cassandrapage01(at)gmail(dot)com.


  5. $70 jvictorine(at)yahoo(dot)com


  6. $100 andrewdcarlson(dot)author(at)gmail(dot)com


  7. $110 otokahe22(at)yahoo(dot)com


  8. $150 andrewdcarlson(dot)author(at)gmail(dot)com


  9. $165 otokahe22(at)yahoo(dot)com


  10. It's so upsetting to see homophobia, especially when perpetrated by other (&hotu;straigqt acting" – whatever that is) homosexuals, most often directed against sissy/feminine behavior. Stereotypes do exist, and yes – so do exceptions to stereotypes. thanks for this blog, and the quote.


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