The Bitterroot Dragon Brigade is a non-profit youth martial arts team. Every year, we take 50 kids on the road to compete in martial arts tournaments all over the Northwest. At each tournament, students compete in individual events such as forms, sparring, breaking, and weapons demonstration in addition to the team form competition. I have seen the kids on this team do amazing things, beat impossible odds, and support each other through the best and worst times. As they travel together, they build confidence, become better martial artists, and create lifetime friendships.

If you want to see them in action, here’s our YouTube channel!

The Dragon Brigade was founded on the premise that any talented student, regardless of economic status, should be able to travel and compete. That’s why the Dragon Brigade covers the cost of almost everything, including team uniforms, hotel stays, and meals. It operates 100% on volunteer efforts and on a budget sourced from fundraising and donations. Each season costs $30,000. Basically, that’s a lot of yard sales, car washes, and $1 raffle tickets.

Some wonderful people in the publishing community have generously offered to help me raise money this year. On October 31st, auction items such as critiques, signed books and swag, gift cards, and more will go live for bidding! To bid, please place your email address and the dollar amount you are bidding in the comments on each item. The starting bid on each item will be $10, and the minimum raise will be $1.

This team and these kids mean the world to me, so thank you!

Bid Here! Remember to include email (at) domain (dot) com so we can send you your prize!

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